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Cubefield Unblocked

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The speed of reaction might be called as one of the most important things for humanity, which in the beginning of evolution process determined whether or not a person could survive. Nowadays the stakes are not so high, even though excellent reaction is one of the coolest advantages somebody might have. So you think you are the one ? Then try and test it in of the most entertaining online games "Cubefield Unblocked". Control a small triangle geometric figure that moves through a field, filled with enormous number of cubes. Your task is to survive, as the further you go the more obstacles you get on your way. The process changes very quickly: you might be moving through nicely organized cubes that create some sort of a road for our triangle, and in the next second you find yourself among square enemies. Control makes the game even more attractive. Arrow keys are everything you need to lead triangle through its way. Tell it which way to go, right or left, but don`t forget to look forward and to be quick, otherwise you will hit a cube and won`t even understand how it happened. Furthermore the game is endless so the main task is to prove to other players that you are better than them, and maybe the best. You can even compete to your friends, and prove that your eraction is better than theirs. So one of most interesting games- "Cubefield Unblocked". Get the top score, lead your geometric buddy deep in field and get the top score among your friends. You will surely improve your reaction, skills and ,as most important, you will get an excellent mood for the rest of your boring evening!

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